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Creating a Logo with Fiverr

by | May 3, 2023 | Business, Web Design

Not being a very creative person (design-wise), I’ve always struggled creating my own logos for my various small businesses over the years.  I’m now focusing on an endeavor I call AI EduPro that focuses on artificial intelligence and its role in education.  Before launching this site, one of the things on my checklist was the creation of a logo.  In the past, I used Adobe Illustrator to create logos.  For example, one of my better ones was this one I created for my design company:

As you can see, it’s OK, but just lacks that bit of professionalism that you like to see in a logo.  So this time around I decided to use Fiverr and let a pro design my logo.  The result is what you see at the top of the page.  In fact, my main problem was that I liked several of the presented alternatives and it was difficult to choose the winner.  I decided on this one because I thought that it captured both the essence of AI (like a volcano erupting suddently) with the forward motion (in this case upward) of education as a result.  I also liked that I could modify the color schemes to my liking.

I was presented with several pricing models, with the main difference between them being how many times I could make modifications.  I chose the highest pricing model, $90, which gives me unlimited changes.  That means, essentially, that I can use the Fiverr logo tool to change the color scheme on my logo or even change the wording or the fonts used.  I don’t anticipate needing to do that right now, but if things take off it will give me some options for the future.

I also got all of the files I needed, which would have taken me lots of time to develop in Illustrator.  I have the logo by itself, the complete logo, a monochrome version, social network versions, etc.  It even gave me the files I can use in Illustrator in case I ever wanted to make some serious alterations or derivations (I don’t).  In all, money well spent, since my time bills out at $120 per hour and it would have taken me hours (and a lot of frustration) to do the same thing on my own, and that’s assuming that I could muster the requisite creativity to pull it off.


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